Donations for Demersals – Cooler

Donations for Demersals, 

We created the Donations for Demersals print as a way the recreational fishing community, family and friends, can help support and also show that they support Demersal Fish and the Fishery between Augusta and Kalbarri.

Which is currently under attack by the Western Australian government.

‘The latest Fisheries science say, Demersal stocks are on the incline after many years of responsible angling by the community.
Now the recreational community is being penalised and discriminated against with  proposed 9 month closure after being ignored with other input on management strategies by Recfishwest, who’s proposals would have the same if not better outcomes than a 9 moth closure!

Yes, The fish are protected, but closing the season for 9 months is detrimental to everything surrounding the fishery, such as other species of fish,  local tackle stores, coastal regions, boat values, mental health, boat businesses, these and more will all take huge hits.

We do not agree this is the answer moving forward.

So we will be committing 💯 0f the proceeds from this this line

  • Towards funding community groups fighting for alternate measures to manage the recreational Demersal  fishery to stop the demise of the community surrounding it.
  • ‘Demersal Sustainability
  • Better/alternate Research Methods for future management and protection of the fishery

We value this part of the recreational fishing community and would love to see fair sustainable fishing practices and management for many years to come.

If you agree with us please show your support by purchasing one of our Donations for Demersals prints

And  help us do it for the cause !!

Purchase includes complimentary express shipping

We thank you for your support!! 

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